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Serving Lake County, Northern Cook County & the near Western suburbs by Veterinary referral
Here’s what the Illinois Veterinary and Physical Therapy Practice Acts are saying
about Canine Rehabilitation:

Illinois Veterinary Practice Act:
  1. Veterinarians are allowed to refer clients for alternative services such as Canine
    Rehabilitation  performed by non-veterinarians including Physical Therapists.
  2. The referring Veterinarian is the case manager of the case.
  3. Canine Rehabilitation can be performed in any location when rendered by a Physical
    Therapist trained in  Canine Rehabilitation: within the referring Veterinarian’s facility, in
    a free standing facility without a  Veterinarian on site, within the client’s home, etc.  

Illinois Physical Therapy Practice Act:
At this point in time, Physical Therapy, in Illinois, is defined as the evaluation and treatment
of humans. The Practice Act currently does not include wording for animals or referrals from

What does this all mean:
After extensive conversations with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional
Regulation’s (IDFPR) General Counsel, the Illinois Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA),
the Chicago Veterinary  Medical Association (CVMA), the Illinois Physical Therapy Association
(IPTA) and consultation with Gerald Goldberg of Goldberg & Frankenstein, LLC  (a private law
firm specializing in Illinois Practice Acts):
  1. Clinicians with a Physical Therapy background can accept referrals from Veterinarians.
  2. Physical Therapists, when working on animals, are not working under their Illinois Physical
    Therapy license however must maintain their own professional liability insurance.
  3. The therapy services rendered on animals are for Canine Rehabilitation and not for
    “Physical Therapy” as this is a protected term.

Anyone practicing Canine Rehabilitation should have advanced training in Canine Rehabilitation
and preferably,  certification from either the Animal Rehab Institute in FL (CCRT) or from
the University of Tennessee  (CCRP).

Referring clients to Dogs In Motion is easy!
Talk to your clients about canine rehabilitation with Dogs In Motion.
Give them my brochure or business card.
Have the client call me to schedule an appointment.
I will fax a referral form to you or you may download and print a referral form to fax to Dogs
In Motion.

Specialist Referral Form

Primary Veterinarian Referral Form

Brochure Request Form

Dogs In Motion Brochure

When you refer to Dogs In Motion, rest assured, you will receive:
Initial Evaluation faxed to both the referring and primary veterinarians.
Excellent ongoing communication regarding the client and the plan of care.
Re-enforcement of discharge instructions, restrictions and  precautions.
Clients referred back to you for follow-up regarding current or new issues.

My referral sources include:
ABC Mobile Veterinary Service:
Dr. Mel Westoupal
Abell Animal Hospital: Dr. Glenn Mayer
Alpine Animal Hospital: Dr. Daniel Hamblin
Animal Emergency and Referral Center: Drs. Mike Podell, Aaron Jackson, Scott Averill, and
Seth Ghantous
Animal Emergency and Treatment Center: Dr. Kristi Sandman
Animas Veterinary Clinic: Dr. Koryn Swearingen
Arlington Heights Animal Hospital: Dr Heather Venn
Arlington Park Veterinary Hospital: Dr. Larry Fetzer
Berglund Animal Hospital: Drs. Elizabeth North and Mark Howes
Bramer Animal Hospital: Dr. Tamra Rahn
Broadway Animal Hospital: Dr. John Kasmersky
Cairo Animal Hospital: Drs. Ben Shechter and Steven Cairo
Care Animal Hospital: Dr. Peter Haase, Dr. Christina Peavey
Christensen Animal Hospital: Dr. Jeffrey Moll
Courtney In Home Veterinary Services: Dr. Brian Courtney
Custom Veterinary Care: Dr. James Hosek
Darien Animal Clinic: Dr. Michelle Priolo
Elk Grove Pet Clinic: Dr. Gregory Stram
Fox Animal Hospital: Drs. Robert Fox and Jeanette Lyons
Fox Lake Animal Hospital: Dr. Bohdan Rudawski
Glencoe Animal Hospital: Drs. Gene Koski and Sara Grogman
Golf-Mil Animal Hospital: Dr. Bryan Haag
Greentree Animal Hospital: Dr. Sara Estrick
Hawthorne Animal Hospital: Dr. James Jorgenson
Hinsdale Animal Hospital: Dr. Karen Heger
Hoffman Estates Animal Hospital: Dr. Jeffrey House
Kindred Spirits: Dr. Share Siwek
Lakes Animal Clinic: Dr. Anne Marie Farrell
Lakes Animal Hospital: Dr. John Plishka
Mount Plaines Animal Hospital: Drs. Laurel Fritzen, Kimberly Ruffolo, and Karen Gadberry
Mundelein Animal Hospital: Drs. Stephanie Kols and Cecelia Burke
Niles Animal Hospital: Dr. Deane Strat
Northbrook Animal Clinic: Drs. Jerold Needelman and Scott Jones
Orphans of the Storm: Dr. Bruce Setlock
Preiser Animal Hospital: Dr. Herbert Preiser
Rand Road Animal Hospital: Dr. Judy Cole
Riser Animal Hospital: Dr. Lisa Wardisiani
St. Charles Veterinary Clinic: Dr. Jennifer Martens
Uptown Animal Hospital: Dr. Gregory Whisler
VCA Aurora Animal Hospital: Drs. Heidi Barnes, and Steven Abel
VCA Lake Shore Animal Hospital: Dr. Wallis Hoyle
Vernon Hills Animal Hospital: Drs. Stephen Barten,  Molly McCullough, and Susan Sneed
Village Veterinary Clinic: Dr. Lisa Whetstone
Village Veterinary Practice of Western Springs: Dr. Scott Kruse
VSC Surgical Referral Services: Drs. Bernard Pare, Mitch Robbins, Claude Gendreau,
LeeAnn Albin, Edwin Darrin
Westside Family Pet Clinic: Dr. Dawn Moglievsky
Wright Animal Hospital: Dr. Bruce Kramer

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