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Noah, a 15 y/o male neutered mixed breed with dehydration, severe
generalized weakness, 17+ pressure ulcers on all 4 limbs and sternum, urine
scald on his abdomen and urinary incontinence. Referred by Dr. Daniel
Hamblin, Alpine Animal Hospital.  

“Noah was being boarded at a facility in Barrington and was able to walk
prior to being boarded. My friend and I met Patti at the Pet Expo back in
March. I called Patti and requested that she pick Noah up and rehabilitate
him. I was very much at ease that Noah was being well cared for by Patti
while we were still in FL and was very happy to see how gently and kindly
she had cared for him. I would recommend Patti and Dogs In Motion to
everyone.” - Diana Mason, Lake Barrington, IL.

Canine rehab consisted of bladder care, wound care with laser to stimulate
healing, laser to acupuncture points to facilitate mobility, bladder care,
NMES (muscle stim) for muscle re-education, strengthening and mobility
exercises, joint mobilization to the spine, swimming and gait retraining.
Noah became fully ambulatory, walking over well over 1000 feet including
steep hills on the owner’s property. All of the wounds fully healed.  

Champ, 14 yr old spayed female Golden Retriever with a history of pelvic
limb  weakness, due to a combination of osteoarthritis and lumbosacral
disease. Referred by Dr. Mike Podell at Animal Emergency and Referral
Center and Dr. Ben Shechter, Cairo Animal Hospital.

"Patti has been working with Champ one to two times per week since May
2006. We believe that with Patti's help Champ has been able to strengthen
her back legs and continue to walk at her senior age of 14. Although it is a
degenerative problem, without Patti's care Champ may not be walking at all.
We are grateful to Patti for helping Champ to live out her senior years." -
Julie and David Shorr, Highland Park, IL.

Odie, 16 yr old male neutered Lhasa Poo with the diagnosis of Spondylosis
of C2-C3, IVDD & osteolytic changes T11-T13. Referred by Dr. Dan
Hamblin,  Alpine Animal  Hospital.

“Patti Triola has improved the quality of life for our precious little Odie
more than we ever hoped. When Patti was recommended to us by our vet, we
saw it as a last ditch effort. Odie’s mobility had been greatly reduced by
degenerating disks in his back. Patti’s ongoing therapy has not only
enhanced Odie’s ability to get around, it has improved his disposition. Patti
has also provided us with the tools to participate in Odie’s care. Her careful
instruction on daily exercises for Odie has allowed us to take part in his
ongoing improvement. Odie has been a cherished member of our family for
16 years and it seems the least we can do for such a loyal, loving pet is to
provide him with comfort and happiness for his remaining years. Patti plays
a huge part in that and we are very grateful to her for that.”  - Gary and
Janice Snyder, Lake Zurich, IL.

Clyde, a 14 yr old male neutered Shepherd / Husky Mix with the diagnosis
of severe generalized weakness following a splenectomy with hematoma
removal and subsequent dehydration. Referred by Drs. Jones and
Needleman, Northbrook Animal Clinic and Dr. Aaron Jackson, Animal
Emergency and Referral Center.

“I am happy to report that my big boy is wonderful. Don't get me wrong, he
is getting naughty and very spoiled and has me completely trained! It is such
a pleasure to see him walk and play (a little bit) and eat and sniff with
gusto and interest. Occasionally, I still have to help him get up - especially
on the slippery floor which he insists on lying on because it is cool on his
belly but he is rolling in the snow and a happy dog  again. He is even
walking up the stairs now (which I don't encourage). What a joy! You were
absolutely wonderful and supportive and I so appreciate your care. My
friend's elderly Lab is having some joint issues and I suggested that she
call you - I hope she does.” - Estelle Lakier, Deerfield, IL.

Bella, a 16 month old female spayed Great Dane with a right hind limb
Peroneal Nerve injury. Referred by Dr. Scott Averill, Animal Emergency and
Referral Center and Dr. Ben Shechter, Cairo Animal Hospital.

“As a physician, I always knew that physical therapy helped restore patients
to their  previous state of health but dogs????? Well, here is my story...I
took my 2 Great Danes, Bella and Fannie, for routine surgery to be spayed.
In the middle of the night, I received a call that Bella had gone into shock,
possibly suffered a stroke and may be crippled for life. What a shock! I
could not believe my eyes when I picked her up, she was dragging her paw,
hopping, walking like a question mark and crying in pain. The surgeon
suggested I call this Canine Rehabilitation Therapist that works with dogs
and comes to your house. I called her out of desperation watching my big
beautiful dog suffer. Patti Triola came to my house and did a complete
evaluation—more thorough and comprehensive than most physicians. She
believed the injury to be traumatic and worked with my dog in a variety of
ways including: ultrasound, electrical nerve stimulation and a variety of
exercises and massage. She also instructed me on what to do on a day-to-
day basis. The doctors thought she may not ever get better but Patti  
persevered and it’s been about 3 months and I would say that my Bella is
about 85-90% back to herself. She is running and jumping with her sister
and frolicking at the dog  park. I can truly say that I not only met an
unbelievable talented Canine Rehabilitation Therapist but an Angel of
Mercy!!!!!!” - Sharyl Balkin M.D., Highland Park, IL         

Feeney, an 8 y/o female spayed Hound Mix with a right TPLO 07/05, screw
removal  10/05, and plate removal 12/05. Referred by Dr. Aaron Jackson,
Animal Emergency and  Referral Center and Dr. Jeffrey Moll, Christensen
Animal Hospital.

“We heard you on the radio show (WGN) this evening. How cool! You
sounded great.  Mom and I (Feeney too) got a kick out of listening to you.
Feeney is doing great. Friday we were at the Lovelace Park (the hill park).
She loves going there and doesn't seem to have any idea that this is
“therapy”. Of course as long as therapy seems like play and doesn't involve
hamstring stretches she's happy. With the great weather we had on
Saturday, I tried to get some yard work done. However, Feeney thinks yard
work means throw the ball to her.” - Maryellen Moore, Evanston, IL.

Cheyenne, 14 y/o female spayed Labrador Retriever with a bowel mass and
liver  disease, s/p 2/16/06 ventral midline celiotomy with removal of a 2 lb.
lipoma from  within the falciform ligament, resection of a 6cm x 7 cm multi-
lobular mass from the cecum, removal of the spleen with biopsy, and a liver
biopsy was performed. Developed aspiration pneumonia one day after
surgery.  Referred by Dr. Scott Averill, Animal Emergency and Referral
Center and Dr. Herbert Preiser, Preiser Animal Hospital.

“I highly endorse the Dogs In Motion services. Cheyenne might have become
ambulatory on her own at some point but this would have taken much longer.
Patti taught us a lot of tricks of the trade to facilitate mobility. Cheyenne’s
muscle tone has vastly improved. She can now chase a tennis ball in the yard
again. All of Cheyenne’s doctors  have been very please with her progress.” -
Susan Mulligan, Glenview, IL.

Dottie, a 4 year old female spayed Shih Tzu / Poodle mix, s/p L CCL repair.
Referred by Dr. Susan Sneed, Vernon Hills Animal Hospital.

“Thank you again so very much for everything! I've really enjoyed having
you over and  learning everything I can do to help Dottie. Now if her other
knee goes out (hopefully  not!), I will be able to get her therapy started
right away. If I'm ever in the position where I can refer somebody to you,
I will in a heartbeat! All the best” - Marisa  Schwartz, Mundelein, IL.

Kelsey, a 10.5 year old female spayed Dachshund, s/p hemilaminectomy for
disk herniation at L1-L2 and L3-L4. Referred by Dr. Aaron Jackson, Animal
Emergency and  Referral Center and Dr. Elizabeth North, Berglund Animal

“Thanks so much for your patience and your work to get me walking again. I
am very happy (so is my family).” - Princess Kelsey & The Barron Family,
Wilmette, IL.

Betty, 10 yr old female spayed Jack Russell, companion pet of Dr. Barten
of Vernon Hills Animal  Hospital, s/p R CCL repair. Referred by Dr. Mitch
Robbins, Surgical Referral Services and the veterinarians at Vernon Hills
Animal Hospital.

“My dog Betty tore her ACL earlier this year. Patti Triola evaluated Betty
and  prescribed a regimen of massage, passive range of motion and
exercises, etc. to help her regain muscle tone and return to function. The
benefits were significant and obvious, and I have been referring patients
with orthopedic, osteoarthritic and neurological conditions to her ever
since.”  - Dr. Steve Barten                                 

Lucy, an 8 year old female spayed Boxer with mild DJD right hip joint,
severe DJD L hip joint, mild DJD and joint effusion B stifles, bridging
spondylosis lumbar spine. Referred by Dr. Averill, Animal Emergency and
Referral Center and Dr. Cecelia Burke, Mundelein Animal Hospital.  

“The caring, professional, and therapeutic touch of Dogs in Motion's Patti
Triola has  afforded my 8 year old Boxer, Lucy, much needed pain relief
and joint mobilization.  Lucy is moving like she did 3 years ago and is always
delighted to see Patti. In addition, Patti has educated me on at-home
exercises to help strengthen Lucy and provide her with an over-all better
quality of life. I highly recommend Dogs in Motion!!!!” - Betsy Popovich,
Mundelein IL.

Sammy, a 6 y/o male neutered Dachshund with a diagnosis of Type 1 disc
hernia L1-L2 left sided. S/P hemilaminectomy L1-L2 left, fenestration T11-
L5 left, and durotomy. Referred by Dr. Bernard Pare of B Veterinary
Specialty Center and Dr. Karen Heger of Hinsdale Animal Hospital

"What you have done for Sam and all the little one's you make better
is God's work! We are so blessed to have found you and we will never
forget how much you have helped 'healed' our family!" - Love paula, Sean,
Sam and Elliot Hickey, Woodridge, IL.

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