Dogs In Motion
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Serving Lake County, Northern Cook County & the near Western suburbs by Veterinary referral
Dogs In Motion Mission Statement and Core Values:

Dogs In Motion's
mission is to offer clients and referring veterinarians the opportunity to improve the quality of life of canines by improving function while minimizing pain,
and down time.

Dogs In Motion provides the highest quality of rehabilitation services in the comfort and convenience of the client's home.

What is Canine Rehabilitation?

Canine Rehabilitation is very similar to the Physical Therapy services that have been offered over the years to humans to prevent injury, to enhance performance, following
prolonged illness, after injury or after orthopedic or neurological surgery.

Why Do Dogs Need Canine Rehabilitation?

To help dogs to stay or become active and healthy for as long as possible.
To ensure the successful outcomes following injury, orthopedic or neurological surgeries or procedures.
To facilitate quicker healing and faster return to regular activities.
To prevent further injury.
To alleviate pain and suffering.

Why choose Dogs In Motion, In Home Canine Rehabilitation?

Dogs In Motion
is owned and operated by a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) with a background as a Physical Therapist. Currently, there are only a handful
of Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists / Practitioners in the state of Illinois.

Dogs In Motion primarily services all of Lake County and the northern suburbs of Cook County, IL. Services are by Veterinary referral only.

Dogs In Motion is the first and only company in the Chicagoland area to provide in-home canine rehabilitation services knowing that dogs, like humans, heal better in their own
environment. It's less stressful on the dogs. It's convenient for owners, they do not have to load their dog
into the car and then rush around in traffic. Appointments are available 7 days a week  (morning through evening). Treatment time is one on one with the therapist. Home visits
allows the therapist to custom tailor your dog's program to his / her environment taking into consideration actual environment barriers and safety issues (slippery floors, loose
rugs, stairs, etc.) rather than just simulating or anticipating them.

Dogs In Motion services are affordable!!!
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Canine rehabilitation services are by Veterinary referral only.

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